Our Ten Stage Process

Along with our top-class translators, we make use of the latest technology and have a rigorous quality-assurance process in place to ensure the high quality of our work.

Our comprehensive project management system ensures that the translation will in all cases be delivered by the agreed deadline.

We have developed a vast English-Irish translation and terminology database that is constantly growing. This enables us to complete documents quickly and efficiently. It also ensures consistency in relation to terminology and style.

Our translators are linked on our translation memory system and cooperate closely during our diligent quality-assurance process.

We are perfectionists in our work and follow a ten-stage process for every translation job:


1. Set up a dedicated translation project and specific translation memory for the client and add any corpuses and termbases relevant to the client

2. Import the document into our translation memory software

3. Assign the document to a translator and begin the translation process

4. Complete the translation and revise the document

5. Run the translated document through spelling and grammar-checking software to ensure that any errors are amended

6. Assign the project to a proofreader and begin the reviewing process

7. Make any changes in consultation between the proofreader and translator

8. Agree on the final document, run the full document through spelling and grammar-checking software once again and check the document against the in-built quality-assurance process in our translation software

9. Export the agreed translation out of our translation software and ensure that the format is identical to source document

10. Send the translation to the client