Premier English to Irish Translation Services

Premier Irish Translation offers a first-class Irish language translation service to both the public and private sectors. Our professional team of translators promises high-quality English – Irish translations, and they provide proofreading and interpretation services to the highest possible standards.

Since the introduction of the Official Languages Act in 2003, Premier Irish Translation has become a leading provider of English to Irish translation services to government bodies and departments.

This Act imposes an obligation on public bodies to publish core documents in both Irish and English simultaneously, and to enable people to communicate with the State in either Irish or English.

It is important that top-quality Irish translation is provided to reflect the status of the Irish language as the first official language of the country, and Premier Irish Translation facilitates this by providing excellent English – Irish translation and interpretation services.

Our highly-skilled Irish translation team has great experience in providing English - Irish translation to numerous government bodies and departments.


In particular, we specialise in translation of the following document types:


  • Annual Reports
  • Legal Documents
  • Local Area Plans
  • Guidelines and Instructions


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